77% of restaurants are understaffed

According to the National Restaurant Association, although restaurant growth slowed down in December of 2021, a survey done by the Association in November 2021, showed that 77% of restaurant operators said they did not have enough employees to support demand.

This data was supported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that showed, although 42,600 restaurant jobs were added in December 2021, staffing levels remained well below pre-pandemic levels.

DECARBONATOR customers continue to greatly benefit from the labor savings created by DECARBONATOR, and the ability to use dish room employees in other areas.

DECARBONATOR’s ability to reduce labor costs by as much as 50%, not to mention other savings like utilities, chemicals and water, make it the no-brainer kitchen equipment addition for 2022.

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DECARBONATOR allows you to better utilize existing labor resources

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