DECARBONATOR Models / Specifications

  • DECARBONATOR models are stand-alone units
  • Plugs into a regular wall outlet
  • Made from Commercial grade stainless steel
  • Fully insulated
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Maintains temperature at 185° F
  • Many accessories to make your job even easier
  • Lifting Basket, Grab Hook and Drain Hose Included
  • Models 25GAL, 40GAL, 85GAL, 120GAL, 250GAL, 500GAL

Decarbonator Tank Comparison chart

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Select Tanks to Compare
25GAL 40GAL 85GAL 120GAL 250GAL 500GAL
25gal500x500mobile 40gal500x500p-mobile 85gal500x500p-mobile 120gal500x500p-mobile 250gal500x500p-mobile 500gal500x500p-mobile
Volume 25 Gallon/95 Liter 40 Gallon/150 Liter 85 Gallon/320 Liter 120 Gallon/450 Liter 250 Gallon/ 945 Liter 500 Gallon/1890 Liter
Power 110V/8.3A 110V/8.3A 110V/12A 208-220V/12A 208-220V/18A 208-220V/28A
Length 29" 74cm 36" 91cm 42" 107cm 50" 127cm 88" 224cm 88" 224cm
Width 18" 46cm 20" 51cm 27" 69cm 31" 79cm 34" 86cm 53" 135cm
Height 33" 84cm 33" 84cm 36" 91cm 41" 104cm 43" 109cm 46" 117cm
Sheet Pan Capacity 13 26 52 104 208 416
Hood Filter Capacity 6 7 20 32 64 128
Baking Rack No No No No Single Rack Double Rack
Lifting Hoist No No H85 Hoist H120 Hoist H250 Hoist H500 Adj Gantry
CarbonZyme 1x 8.5lb Box/Month 1x 15lb Box/Month 2x 15lb Boxes/Month 1x 50lb Box/Month 2x 50lb Boxes/Month 4x 50lb Boxes/Month
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  • 25GAL
  • 40GAL


  • 85GAL
  • 120GAL


  • 250GAL
  • 500GAL

The DECARBONATOR heated soak tank is available in a number of sizes to suit your requirements.

All models are equipped with a lifting basket to facilitate loading and unloading.

Sturdy casters enable easy maneuverability while the locking mechanism ensures unwanted movement

The appliances plug into a standard 15A/120VAC outlet or 50A/240VAC depending on the model.

See specific product details below.

See our WHY DECARBONATOR heated soak tank page to find out more.

Compare DECARBONATOR Models to FOG Tank, Spectank and CleanTank from Clean X-Press.

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