The DECARBONATOR is the Next Generation in heated soak tank technology, and the best heated soak tank available for all commercial kitchens and bakeries.
The 18-Improvements include critical safety issues to prevent scalding, burning and crush injuries because the safety and well being of your employees is crucial.
The improved design ergonomics and increased functionality, makes DECARBONATOR the most practical and safest heated soak tank available. It is simple and easy to use. See how it works.

If you are considering purchasing a Soak Tank, and safety and ergonomics are important to you, ensure that it has these:

18 DECARBONATOR Improvements

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#1 Models

  • 6 Models to choose from to suit your needs and capacity. See more on Models.
Many sizes of model tanks

#2 Increased Work Surface

  • The lid of the DECARBONATOR is flat without any hinges or handles interfering with the surface

#3 Power/Heater Switches

  • New improved switches are easily accessible
  • Color coded

#4 Lid Handle

  • New improved lid handle extends full length for easy access
  • Prevents scalding since the lid is below the surface
  • Steam escapes as lid opens because of the wide arc

#5 -H2O- Fill Line

  • New improved debossed H2O Line which will not be obscured by lime scale build up or opaque water
H2O fill line

#6 Friction Hinges

  • Friction hinges prevents the lid from opening and thus allows steam to escape

#7 Spills/Condensation

  • The built in trough collects condensate and pours the solution back into the appliance when the lid is closed

#8 Prevent Crush Injuries

  • The friction hinges keep lid open and prevent lid from slamming closed,  potentially causing crush injuries

#9 More Capacity

  • The location of the hinges on the lid of the DECARBONATOR allows for additional access to the interior of the unit

#10 Basket Handle

  • New improved basket handle is easier to access and is located out of the water
  • Reduces hand scalding while lifting the basket

#11 Instruction Labels

  • Instruction Labels in English, Spanish and French

#12 Rubber Gasket

  • The rubber gasket seals the lid and contains the odor

#13 Monthly Timer

  • The new Monthly Timer indicates when CarbonZyme® should be replaced
  • The light changes from Green to Red at the end of the Monthly cycle


  • Manual Reset is accessed from the back panel by removing the cover plate and inserting the pin to reset the thermostat

#15 Reset Switch

  • The Reset Switch resets the Monthly Timer at the beginning of the Monthly Cycle

#16 CarbonZyme®

  • Packaged in boxes
  • Easy to store

#17 Hose Storage

  • The hose for the monthly Refill is attached to the back of the unit making it easily accessible and preventing misplacement

#18 Hoists

  • Provision for an add-on Hoist on 85GAL and 120GAL Models. See more on Hoists.

Compare DECARBONATOR’s 18 Improvements to FOG Tank, Spectank and CleanTank from Clean X-Press
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Watch the Comparison video below.

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