Hood filters in any commercial kitchen that are cleaned and maintained regularly have a widespread positive effect in the kitchen, but if they are neglected, it could have a significantly detrimental impact on your restaurant and on the safety and well being of the employees. The ever present threat of a fire is a stark reminder that this task cannot be neglected.

Dave Ott, in a well presented article highlighting the significance of dirty hood filters and how they impact on a restaurant, proposes that filters are cleaned on a regular schedule, preferably on a daily basis. 

Although this is a valid idea, it provokes the thought of why the filters are being neglected from the beginning. In the ideal situation, all the hood filters should be clean at all times, but this takes time and is a hassle when there are other important tasks to be performed.

Hood filters typically take about 15 minutes to clean by hand. Since this is so labor intensive, some companies even use cold water soak tanks using caustic chemicals, but this is obviously a potentially dangerous exercise.

The best way of cleaning hood filters is in a heated soak tank, with a safe chemical and for the filters to be cleaned while your employees busy themselves with other important tasks.

The DECARBONATOR is the best heated soak tank and cleans hood filters in about 20 minutes. These can be done first thing in the morning.  With minimal effort, more than 20 filters can be cleaned in the 40GAL Model within the first hour of operation before you even open your doors. The 85GAL can handle more than 50 standard 20×20 filters in the same time frame.


The daily cost to operate a DECARBONATOR is less than the cost of one labor hour and by freeing up your labor, not only do you cover the costs, but for the remaining 23 hours a day, you have the benefit of using the DECARBONATOR to clean all your other kitchen equipment.


Two case studies were performed to compare the hood cleaning efficiency of the DECARBONATOR to conventional cleaning methods, concluding that more than 1/3 of a pound of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) is still left behind in the filter after a 15 minute hand scrub.

Hood Filter

No wonder the DECARBONATOR is the cheapest and easiest way to clean all your filters on a daily basis

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